Brooklyn Meet ‘n Greet- A Wonderful Time!

It was so wonderful to meet the many women who came to our JWWS Brooklyn event and connect names with faces and have a chance to see each other in person.

Thank you

Tremendous thanks goes to Mindy Blumenfeld for working out all the details and especially for all the hard last minute work when we realized that the address posted was incorrect, and even standing out in the cold to direct everyone to where we were. B”H we all found each other after that…it was also thanks to Mindy for the sweet refreshments and drinks!

The large expansive setting, courtesy of our hostess made the whole evening a huge success. I was so impressed with the generosity of spirit and willingness to help, the hachnasas orchim extended for us all. Thank you so much again!


We had a chance to shmooze, meet for a bit and then we started the evening’s program.

Then my wonderful sister, Hedva Zeevi, got the projector working – and thank you again to Relli Weisel for running back to the store all over again for that “plug thingy” we so desperately needed!

We discussed the JWWS, what it is, pictures from past years, and what it does for us today as a group of dynamic writers across the globe. Because ladies, that’s really what we are today – a community of committed writers worldwide, all learning and helping and supporting each other. Yasher Koach to each and every one of you.

Then we did a JWWS “real time” presentation with pointers for writers, information culled from other experts, tips and writing exercises. It was great to hear those who shared their writing!

Barbara Bensoussan treated us all to some professional insights into writing features and interviews, and as she put it “every Jewish person is their own incredible story” – it can even be right there on your own block. I enjoyed every minute of Barbara’s presentation and we thank her again for coming to be with us.

Coming to the Brooklyn event really hit home for me because it was personally one of my first times speaking in that area and yet – you, the ladies of Soferet, JWWS, and just the frum writers’ crowd – you made me feel so at home that I forgot about being nervous or shy and felt so much warmth and acceptance immediately that it was almost as if I’d known everyone from before…because in many ways – we have!

Thank you so much again for coming together and it is my hope that we can all be together again very soon – this time, writing about the Geula in Yerushalayim!

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