Soferet – a Forum for Honing Skills and Learning the Writing Business

Soferet is an email forum for writers, editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, translators, copywriters, illustrators and even publishers in the frum Jewish writing world.

There are almost 750 men and women on the forum, all dedicated to honing their skills; learning the business; learning grammar and style; finding out about available jobs; networking to find editors, translators, graphic artists, publishers, or distributors for books being published; connecting with others in the writing/publishing world.

The forum is an extension of Esther Heller’s announcement-only email list, which used the same name. Thank you, Esther, for beginning to bring together Orthodox Jewish women writers, and to agreeing to the idea of an email forum extending that reach.

Soferet is not a place to advertise or recruit. We are a business… a family business. Heimish. It is the members of Soferet who make the list a place of immense benefit to each member on the list.

Some members are famous “names” and others have yet-to-be-published. Many work behind the scenes in the production of books and magazines. Members live in Israel, the United States, Australia, South Africa, England, and all over the world!

To join Soferet, please send an email to and in the email, please tell us who you are, what you do, where you live – a little bit about yourself. Please cc You do not have to have internet to join, and you have an option to read the mail entirely online.

Looking forward to growing professionally with you.

Yocheved Krems Frischman, Soferet Group Hostess

Ann Goldberg, Co-moderator

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