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What past participants say

It was a real pleasure to put faces to so many of the names I recognize from magazine bylines and my inbox. I was blown away by the speeches, the program, and the careful attention to detail that marked every aspect of the event. Much thanks to the organizers for all of their hard work!

Miriam Milstein

I just wrote Chapter 50 of my teen serial ‘Midnight Music’ for
Binah BeTween! The inspiration and advice of the Writers’ Conference, specifically Batya and Avigail’s workshops, in fact, helped take my writing to a new level!
Thanks so much,
Menucha Levin

I was amazed at how much positive energy there was in the room and how clear it was that there is no sense of competition between all the writers. It was much more of a “how can be of help” to you, which is such a credit to all of you and to Yocheved for fostering that attitude.
Chumi Friedman

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I can’t sit down and relax before I express our hakaras hatov to Tamar Ansh and Esther Heller and all the other organizers of today’s amazing seminar. My only regret is that I couldn’t attend all the workshops…
Ann Goldberg

It was a beautiful day, well organized and with excellent speakers. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to this auspicious group.
Chava Pinchuck

It was a pleasure to meet all the writers. I was so impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the day. You did a masterful job, I hope to attend again next year.
Naomi Mauer

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The Writing Seminar was a great day and so amazingly organized!
You and your staff were on top of every single detail, including making sure it was done with such elegance. It was pretty obvious that lots of thought went into all aspects of the day!!!
I must tell you that the “Sisters Shmooze” had me laughing so hard – besides how much I learned from the twins. For me, they and Yael M. were the highlights of the day.
Thanks again Tamar and may H-Shem bless you with lots of koach to continue to help women to bring out their creativity, to better serve their Creator.
Linda Dayan

I spent yesterday in the company of several hundred delightful Jewish ladies who love to write. It was the first time I went to the annual Jerusalem Writer’s Seminar for women just for fun (I was there twice before as a speaker). And what fun it was.
Organizers Tamar Ansh and Esther Heller are already pros at organizing this event, so the program was consistently high quality, and every year they add a few more small touches that give this event such a warm, heimish atmosphere.
Naomi Elbinger

An amazing job in every way… I met some of my favorite authors and “celebrities” of the Orthodox publishing world… A day that left me feeling more connected, more informed, and uplifted.
Life is Like a Library, blogger and yearly JWWS attendee



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