Meet with a Publisher or Publication Representative

Appointments and Scheduling

Please contact the reps you want to meet with directly through the contact information you see displayed here. They will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Please try to stick to the times you make up with your reps and try not to go over the time allotted to you.

If you have a lot more to say, mention that to your rep when booking. You can always continue your conversation again at a later point in the day or at another time you can work out. Some participants have to leave early and are relying on their appointment times to be on time, please keep that in mind during your appointment.

Please speak as quietly as possible when you sit down together. Very loud talking can be disruptive to other members of the seminar.

Please remember: the meeting area is only for the companies and the representatives to conduct their meetings in. If you must talk on a cell phone or with anyone else, go outside the hall, upstairs and away from all doors so that you will not disturb others. ONLY the company whose name is on the meeting table can be at that table, no one else.

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Menucha Publishers

menucha publishers logo

A New Chapter in Quality Jewish Reading

Meet with: Esther Heller
Contact her at:

“I would love to hear about your writing projects. Please email me.”

Israel Bookshop Publications

israel bookshops logo

The Next Page in Jewish Publishing

Meet with: Malkie Gendelman

Contact her at:

“IBS is happy to accept all your book proposals and ideas. Please email us.”

Temech/The Jerusalem Hub


The Professional Workspace for Religious Women

Meet with: Nechamie
Contact her at:




These Publishers are Also Available for One-on-one Meetings

The Jewish Press and The Magazine
Meet with: Chumi Friedman
Contact her at:
Ami Magazine
Meet with: Shira Schmidt
Contact her at:
Meet with: Mimi Zakon
Contact her at:
Mosaica Press
Meet with: Ilana Hiller
Contact her at:
Meet with: Chavi Ernster
Contact her at:

Jewish Action
Meet with: Nechama Carmel. Available for email submissions. No one-on-one meetings.
Contact her at:
Tfutza Publications
Meet with: Sara Miriam Gross
Contact her at:
Mishpacha and Family First Magazine
Meet with: Bassi Gruen
Contact her at:
Binah Magazine
Meet with: Sara Bonchek
Contact her at:
Feldheim Publishers
Meet with: David Kahn (available from 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.)
Contact him at:



Jerusalem Women’s Writers Seminar

Tuesday, 13 Iyyar, 5777/ May 9th, 2017, Shirat Yerushalayim