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Rebbetzin Sara Meisels

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Jonathan Rosenblum

Jonathan Rosenblum is a prolific author and a regular columnist with the Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha Magazine and Yated Ne’eman. He is also the author of seven biographies of modern Jewish leaders, including Reb Yaakov, Rav Dessler, They Called Him Mike, and Rabbi Moshe Sherer. He is currently at work on a biography of Rabbi Noach Weinberg, the founder of Aish HaTorah.

Rosenblum has been a guest speaker in almost every Jewish community in North America, as well as in London, Manchester, Zurich, Johannesburg, Capetown and Amsterdam. Rosenblum learned in Yeshivas Ohr Someyach, the Kollel of Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky and the Mirrer Yeshiva. He is also a graduate of the University of Chicago and Yale Law School.

Esther Heller

Esther Heller is the editorial director of Menucha Publishers. She is the author of the novel The Lost Daughter (Targum Press, 2008), and the children’s book The Menorah Under the Sea (Kar-Ben Publishing, 2009), which won a Sydney Taylor Notable Book Award.

Esther leads creative writing workshops and works with writers one-to-one to help them develop their craft and get their writing published.

Sarah Shapiro

Sarah Shapiro’s published w​ork includes the 4-volume Our Lives Anthology series​; Growing With My Children: A Jewish Mother’s Diary​;​ Don’t You Know It’s a Perfect World?; A Gift Passed Along; and Wish I Were​.

​She is currently a columnist ​for Ami Magazine, and gives writing workshops in Israel and abroad. The unfinished site ourlivesonline.org, created as a showcase for writing by Orthodox Jews, was under construction when co-editor Sorah Rosenblatt a”h,passed away, and the site’s other co-editors are now undecided re. its future.

sarahkit @ gmail.com
(02) 532 3047

Debbie Shapiro

Debbie Shapiro is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, speaker, and has written five books, hundreds of published articles, and is a popular Binah columnist.

She often shares her personal life with readers, and has founded an organization called Tikvah4Parkinson www.tikvah4parkinson.org.

Debbie’s blog: www.debbieshapiroofjerusalem.blogspot.com/

Avigail Sharer a.k.a. Leah Gebber

Avigail Sharer (aka Leah Gebber) is the widely acclaimed author of Chains, among other works. She specializes in fiction and memoir, and loves helping fellow writers sculpt stories with soul and spirit.

As Family First’s associate editor, she enjoys meeting and coaching fellow writers and is available as a writing coach and a memoirist.

avigailsharer @ gmail.com

Tamar Ansh

tamar podium flowers Tamar Ansh is a writer, organizer, and speaker; the author of A Taste of Challah; and a recognized expert on baking challah. She speaks and writes extensively about challah , has a website, www.aTasteofChallah.com, and maintains a regular “Challah Bytes” e-mail read by hundreds of women around the world.

Tamar has a regular food column in Hamodia’s Inyan magazine, and has written for Mishpacha, Binah, the Jewish Press, and more.

Tamar does live challah demonstrations and is an inspirational speaker for schools, seminaries, bat mitzvah parties, group challah events, and tour groups both in Israel and abroad. She was the challah leader of the worldwide Shabbos Project Challah Bake in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

Tamar’s other publications include Pesach – Anything’s Possible!; Let My Children Cook!; and Let’s Say Amen!

She is the director of the JWWS annual seminar, and the JWWS Educational Network which holds ongoing opportunities for writers in Jerusalem.

Miriam Zakon

Miriam Zakon has been involved in all facets of Jewish publishing for more than three decades. She is a translator, author, and editor, as well as 1/3 of Family First’s monthly column, Sister Schmooze.

She is Acquisitions Editor for ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications. Her most recent book is Freefall, a historical novel set in the Second World War, which is appearing in Family First.

Emmy Zitter

Emmy Leah Zitter is Chair of the English Department at Michlalah-Jerusalem College, and a college instructor in literature and creative writing. In addition to her academic publications, she has written young adult books (Baker’s Dozen, B.Y. Times) and is one of the three Sisters in Family First’s monthly column, SisterSchmooze.


Riva Pomerantz

Riva Pomerantz is the author of nine books to-date and works as a freelance, multi-genre writer. She currently writes for AMI magazine and is well known for her serialized stories that utilize the vehicle of fiction to explore real, contemporary issues faced by the global frum community. Riva and her husband Joel are blessed to be the parents of seven children, b”H, and live in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

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Jerusalem Women’s Writers Seminar

Tuesday, 13 Iyyar, 5777/ May 9th, 2017, Shirat Yerushalayim