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Why sponsor JWWS?

From the desk of Bassi Gruen
Editor, Mishpacha Magazine Family First

JWWS offers me the invaluable opportunity to meet with writers in person. One year I met a writer who is now part of our core team of feature writers. Another year I met a fiction writer who’s now writing stories for us regularly.

She’d already written for us by the time we met, but our meeting helped us discover a lot more about each other.

Digital communication may be efficient, but face-to-face meetings enables stronger relationships to form, and it’s something I value.

The panel was also a great idea! We often get submissions that are well-written but just don’t fit what we’re looking for. I appreciate the opportunity to have a dialogue with a room full of talented writers.

I’ve been enjoying JWWS since its inception, first as a writer, and now as an editor. Thanks for providing us all with such an enjoyable and informative day.

Top quality submissions.

Throughout the year writers submit manuscripts and proposals, keeping the level of writing at your publishing house or magazine consistently high.
Magazines, with constant need for quality submissions, value the JWWS participants throughout the year.

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Relationships with passionate, talented writers.

One on one meetings with personal interaction and give and take, lead to productive relationships with talented writers. Sponsors enjoy the trust and collaboration built at JWWS, as the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship.


Worldwide exposure.

Sponsors are highlighted in emails sent to thousands of writers internationally. these emails are sent intensively for several months leading up to the seminar, after the seminar, and various times throughout the year.



Lasting impressions.

Sponsors are displayed in the handouts given to each JWWS attendee, which they take home as a reference throughout the year.
Depending on the level of sponsorship, a sponsor may create promotional items for attendees to take home, in order to keep your company top of mind. Different seminar activities or amenities are also available for sponsorship, with prominent recognition.



Will you join us this year?

For details about specific JWWS 2017 sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.