Transportation to JWWS 2017

Jerusalem Women’s Writers Seminar
13 Iyyar 5777 May 9, 2017
Shirat Yerushalayim, Kanfei Nesharim 64

By car

Drive down Kanfei Nesharim towards Har Nof.
Shirat Yerushalayim is on your right, past the Rami Levi supermarket.


DO NOT park in front of the hall, but continue straight to the traffic circle and the gas station at the end of the block.

Bear right at the traffic circle, and follow the road around to a dirt parking area.
There is a back entrance to Shirat Yerushalayim from this parking area.
Across the parking area there are signs that say “Shirat Yerushalayim” and “Post Office.”

The earlier you get to the area, the more chances you’ll have of finding parking. If you find parking in this dirt parking area, consider yourself fortunate!

Note: If you don’t find parking here, you can park on Rechov HaKablan or Rechov Katzenellenbogen in Har Nof.
To get there, when you drive down Kanfei Nesharim, turn LEFT with the traffic circle.
If, after the traffic circle, you turn right – you will get to Rechov Hakablan.
If, after the traffic circle, you continue going straight – you will get to Rechov Katzenellenbogen.
Keep driving until the street is unmarked and open to public parking.
Park and walk back to the hall from there.

Be careful: Do not park anywhere that is marked with red and white stripes – the place is heavily policed and the ticket fines are high.

By bus

From the Central Bus Station, Jerusalem:
74 or 75 (Binyanei HaUma), in the direction of Givat Shaul.

From Bar Ilan Street:
64 or 65, in the direction of Givat Shaul.

Other buses that come to the Bar Ilan bus stop:
6, 52 (from Sanhedria/Sorotzkin)
54, 55 (from Geulah)
225, 245, 295 (from Beitar)

When on the bus toward Givat Shaul:
Get off at the last stop on Rechov Kanfei Nesharim.
Shirat Yerushalayim is on your right.
It is past the Rami Levi supermarket and directly to the right of a large office supply store called SuperHome.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Jerusalem Women’s Writers Seminar

Tuesday, 13 Iyyar, 5777/ May 9th, 2017, Shirat Yerushalayim